Where do I get Bitcoins?

There are two main ways to acquire bitcoins:

  1. Mine bitcoins
  2. Buy bitcoins
  3. Sell stuff for bitcoins

Mining Bitcoins ain’t easy

Mining bitcoins is a very technical subject. Most people do not mine bitcoins as it’s become increasingly difficult and requires significant investments for uncertain rewards. To learn more about mining check out this mining beginners guide.

Buying Bitcoins is getting easier every day

You can buy bitcoins with any type of cash or bank account transaction depending on where you live.
I’ll outline the ways I know, and provide links to more resources on how to buy bitcoins.
Before you buy Bitcoins, you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. Learn more about Bitcoin wallets.

Based in California, USA. I used it, and it took a few days to get the bitcoins. You must also be in the US to use Coinbase.
Buy SecondLife Lindens and trade for Bitcoins.
Buy Bitcoins with cash or a bank deposit with local Bitcoin exchangers. Make sure to only exchange with people with good reviews. Also, take precautions if meeting in person for exchange.
Bitcoin ATM:
Exchange cash for bitcoins right to your mobile device. You’ll need a mobile wallet for this to work.

Sell Stuff for Bitcoin

Sign up with a Merchant Bitcoin service such as the following for US companies:

More resources on buying bitcoins:


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